Residential Property Finance

Residential Property Finance allows for the purchase and refinance of Residential Property for owner occupied and investment purposes. Moody Kiddell & Partners offer a huge range of home loans for residential property from over 30 different lenders, including both retail and wholesale options.

Our property finance consultants will help you select the best loan for your new purchase, or to refinance an existing loan and lower your monthly repayments.

  • Standard Variable Rate: Offers you flexibility and features, including the option to split your loan, the ability to make additional repayments, and the option to redraw the additional funds for any purpose.
  • Discount Variable Rate: Loans offer a lower interest rate, but fewer features. You usually have the option to pay for additional flexibility and features when you need them.
  • Fixed Rate Loans: Protects you against interest rate changes for a specified time.
  • Combination or Split Rate Loans: Combine the flexibility of a variable rate and the certainty of a fixed rate, so you benefit when rates drop, and are protected when they increase.
  • Non Conforming Loans: Designed especially to help borrowers who do not meet ‘standard’ lending criteria, including those who have an impaired credit history.
  • Home Equity Loans: Allow you to use the equity in your existing property for other opportunities such as renovating your home, investing in shares or managed funds, or financing an investment property.
  • Line of Credit Loans: Interest only facilities that allow you to borrow against the equity in your home with the flexibility of a transaction account.

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