Line of Credit Facilities

A Line of Credit Facility is a flexible loan arrangement with a specified limit to be used at a clients discretion.

It can be repaid and redrawn at any time and is similar an overdraft facility but some of the advantages are no ongoing bank fees, interest rates are based on home loan rather than business rates. For accounting purposes the loan can be split into personal investment and business purpose accounts.

Because a home often is an individual’s most valuable asset, many lenders use a property’s equity to provide income for major items, such as education, home improvements, medical bills or for business and investment purposes.

A Line of Credit Facility is suitable for:

  • Business clients seeking an overdraft style arrangement at home loan rates
  • Clients seeking flexibility in repayments
  • Clients wanting to maximise taxation benefits for investment purposes
  • Clients wanting a wealth creation product, ie property and share purchases.

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